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De eerste "Radio 2440" sticker
The first Radio "2440" sticker
Boven deze winkel was "Radio Zatteliet" gevestigd
Boven this store was "Radio Zatteliet" active 
Patrick van Troje
Links "Café Concordia" de 2440 studio op de Markt
Het muziekhuisje en de mast gezien vanaf de St.-Amandstoren
De befaamde "2440 caravan"

The History

We say and write "1979" : the first free radios start their activities.

In Geel one has to act crazy because of the image alone, so there was also there

activity on the FM band.


More out of curiosity (if they could also conjure music on the radio) than

out of ambition to start a real radio, some young men tinkered

put together a transmitter. That «-tje» behind the transmitter is definitely in place,

because the radio equipment housed in a cigar box (then "Radio Zatteliet" by Eric de Noorman) were unable to carry the sound any further

then to the Fire Brigade in the Lebonstraat, the Police "yes" in the Nieuwstraat

and halfway the Stationsstraat where the technician  was on "kot".

"Radio Zatteliet" - located at Stationsstraat 4 - was, among other things, the result of the radio

of the HIK engineering students who had started up a radio and who only needed "financial" support when asked to join. In addition, "Radio Prutske" also played in the Dr. Vandeperrestraat and "Radio Breeven" on Ten Aard their pictures.

When in April 1980 Radio Zatteliet expanded its transmission power to

20 Watt announced the "wise" decision to put together one station

- the hereinafter referred to as "Radio 2440".

Listen below to the 'Station Tune' of Radio 2440 - the "Hymne" by Vangelis....




Radio Breeven stopped a little later, Jef Kestens later joined

2440 and presented ao "Belzebub" on Saturday evening. Also Radio Prutske

gave up and went "ship" with the local Radio Mi-Amigo, then located in the Heilige Geeststraat.

Below is an overview of the then "2440" jingles:






2440 went higher ! Also in the literal sense of the word, because of the

basement was moved to Patrick Van Troje's bedroom.

In the photo you can see Patrick Van Troje at work with Ferry Seven-Eleven in the

first studio. Besides these two, there were still Bert Van Vlaanderen, Guy,

Marc Van Praag,  Mark Verheyen and "Basje".... 

The whole had also been given a name: "Radio 2440" (after the postal number

from Yellow). The transmission power was increased and the number of listeners grew

proportional to the transmission range.

After a while we had to look for another housing. There was

searched and a house was found in Larum.

Joy everywhere, but fate saw it differently: the transmitter was not strong

enough to reach the center of Geel and that's where all our listeners were just now.

A friendly cafe owner heard about our difficulties and offered us a room

at the market in Geel. (then "the Concordia").

Eric de Noorman and Geert Singel came to join the company and with his

eight they provided 12 hours of radio per week. (Quite an achievement back then).

A gendarmerie combination always gave us a fright. We got

then also a lot of visits from the arm of the law... 'to request request pictures'.

Slowly "Radio 2440" got a name and maybe even fame. Of

Palmenmarkt we came out the first time. Then the Nieuwstraat asked

us for the music and animation at their fair. A little later followed the

first broadcast in the field at the 14th Central Kempen trade fair. After the trade fair, the fairs of the Pas and the Stationsstraat, the

night market and many other manifestations.

It was no longer fun to work with the eight of them, so that new employees

were asked. Radio 2440 was now on the air every day and at the weekend

could even be broadcast all day long.


The room on the Market became too small and due to other circumstances we had to move again....


There is a nice anecdote from that time:

On a Saturday afternoon (01.04), just when the presenter (EdN) are

program, the central heating turned on. The

«chauffageketel» made such a noise that the disturbing noise had to be explained to the listeners.

In a clear moment, the host said the hum was coming from the ship's engines. because we supposedly broadcast from a ship on "de Lange Zillen". This story was told all weekend, with the mention that whoever wanted could sail along. There were a lot of candidates for a trip !!!

A radio ship would be too beautiful, a cellar was too small. He who seeks, he finds, and we

found a house in the center of Geel. It took a lot of effort to get it

habitable, but we managed !!! 

You were always welcome to come and have a look at the Technische Schoolstraat 2A. That could

even as early as 7 a.m. Because 2440 was daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. in

the sky, always!!!!



A realization of the then 2440 crew : The "Radio 2440" Caravan !

First bought as a wreck and disassembled to the floor. Then back

built up at the garage of "Jerommeke" at the Diestseweg..... This studioke on

wheels served 'everywhere and for everything' when we came 'outside' !

Radio 2440 has broadcast under that name until +/- eind  1984..... The heavy

financial costs and competition from the then "chain radios" did it

board decide to join the "XtraFM" chain..... The beginning of the end

of the "2440" existence, until the end of 2006 Eric de Noorman decided to leave Radio 2440

resurrecting from a dusty and sometimes "troubled" past..... An "e" for the name and a dose of perseverance were enough....


e-Radio 2440 has in Dec. 2016 made a new start from the living room of the undersigned and was recently obliged to create a new website, with renewed hardware and software.

This very small project has been going on for more than 10 years now and is commissioned

to "mother Northman" (+ 25.10.16). Thanks for her years of support and patience.


To be continued for sure!!!



More photos from the 2440 time can be found on the Facebook page below !!!     

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Café Concordia (left) the "Radio 2440" studio on the Geelse Markt
The "2440" studio in the Technische Schoolstraat
The famous "Radio 2440" Caravan.... 
e-Radio 2440 home studio Feb. 2021
e-Radio 2440 studio 01022021.jpg
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